Drawing inspiration from themes of collecting memories I create playful jewellery which might explore a fleeting moment, a chance encounter or a material souvenir charged with meaning. Referencing shape, form, colour and pattern to realise each piece of jewellery I hope to create something which has both familiar and yet foreign associations, perhaps triggering a vague memory for the viewer and hopefully raising a smile!

Working from my studio in the wilds of Wiltshire, I construct jewellery using hand-printed anodised aluminium, precious and non-precious metals and a host of found and formed materials.  I use a range of low-tech hand processes to create my work including screen and block printing onto anodised aluminium and traditional metalwork techniques. 

Since 2002 my jewellery has been to places all around the globe and special pieces have been bought for both public and private collections.  A number of my pieces feature in books and journals and my own book,  ‘Coloured Aluminium Jewellery: design & make’, was published by A&C Black in 2010.